He Still Heals and Raises the Dead

On Wednesday, November 2 started out like any other day for Bob Romine but a short time later everything changed.   He collapsed, his heart stopped, and he quit breathing. He was rushed to the hospital and quickly put on life support.  Medicine could not get his oxygen levels up to sustain brain function.

Covenant Academy Praying

In the midst of the crisis people began to pray fervently for healing.  Students from Covenant Academy school immediately went into a 2 1/2 hour prayer meeting.  People gathered at the hospital for prayer and support for Bob’s wife Nina

The doctors and hospital chaplain were beginning to preparing Nina to face the decision to take him off of life support.  Obi Nwagwu, a nurse practitioner for a local surgeon, and an elder at Covenant Harvest Church, worked in critical care and knew the situation was not good.  He rallied people for prayer and faithfully remained by their side to help monitor the events, relay information, and give support for everyone.

“The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when he opened his eyes and moved his head.  I was witnessing a raising of the dead right before my eyes.” 

Later that night after several hours of prayer, and a vigil of waiting at his bedside something miraculous happened.  He came back to life!  Those that were around his bedside when he began to open his eyes saw it as nothing short of a miraculous raising of the dead.

Praying outside ICU

Denise Kreighbaum who was at his bedside said, “I had been watching his levels on his monitor and listening to what the doctors were saying.  When he opened his eyes I began to watch the monitor and saw the levels immediately change from numbers that didn’t sustain life to numbers that were back to a more normal range.  I watched it before my eyes!  God’s grace in this situation was incredible!”

Within days he was out of the hospital with no signs of any brain damage.  It was truly amazing. Listen to Bob and Obi in the video above for the full details. Here is a text from Bob as he left the hospital a few days later.

“Going home all is good, the grave clothes have taken away, the smell of death washed away, completely healed.  God still does miracles.  Thank everyone for their prayers.”

New Move in Columbia, MO

When people think of church two things often pop into their mind, buildings and programs.  While buildings and programs are helpful, they aren’t essential in Jesus building His church.  An interesting fact is that there are 59 direct commands to His people to practically contribute to building His church such as, Care for one another […]

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Great Teaching In Light Of Recent Events

Harold Fobis who is laboring in Temecula CA did a great teaching regarding a Kingdom perspective on recent events with the elections and the uncertainty in light of them.  This is a very thorough Biblical approach for the people of God. It is worth a listen.    

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39 Hours of Prayer

“No one’s a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.”   Guy H. King November 4-5, 2016 Life Church in Kirksville MO, and Covenant Harvest Church in Pittsburg KS will be joining together for 39 hours of continuous prayer. Life Church has done […]

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Reconnection in Zimbabwe

In November 2014 Mike Young was traveling with a Salt and Light team lead by Dave Richards in Zimbabwe.  While there through unexpected circumstances he crossed paths with some local leaders that he worked with many years ago but had lost touch.  Out of that unexpected encounter Mike and Travis Koeman  were able to take a […]

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Launch Of E4 Training

Churches across the C2C family kicked off our 9 month E4 training.  We launched the training with an evening online with Dave Richards and Doug Kreighbaum on September 16th.  The training is being administered online through mentor groups in various local churches.  Everyone in the course meets monthly online together while their mentor groups meet […]

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Great message “Staying in the Vine” from Dave Richards


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C2C Worship “He Will Build”

In case you missed it, the C2C Worship album is available on most digital formats.  Jason Benson and the “Sound Studio” did a great job on it.   You can get it through iTunes.  Here is the link if you are a Spotify user!

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Philippines Update

Here is an update from Tom and Rita Hutchens about the Philippines during June and July.  Download the link at the bottom to see a presentation of it with pictures. Hi Everyone, We are writing this epistle to bring you up to speed on the work of the Lord in the Philippines. Much ministry has developed […]

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Sending to Plant in Billings, Montana

One thing Jesus clearly did while on earth, and continues to do today is join His people together in family relationships as they engaged in His mission to the earth.   In Matthew 9-11 and Luke 9-10 we see examples of how Jesus sent out the Twelve and the Seventy on mission.  They went out in pairs […]

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