Join us for a time of training to help pastors and leaders bring people to a place of spiritual wholeness and healing. Along with practical teaching and training there will be specific times of activation and impartation and hands on experiences. The Healing Hearts Conference is specifically geared towards pastors and those who would be recommended by leadership to do personal ministry in their local church. You will leave this time equipped to lead people into powerful change in their lives and see transformations in families, churches and your community.

Register: Please call the Restoration Church office at 307.235.9100 to register.


  • $75/person


  • November 9 & 10, 2012
  • Sessions will begin at 9:00 each morning.


  • Healing of the Heart
  • Power of Forgiveness
  • Settling of Lordship issues
  • Defining Identity
  • Deliverance from Demonic Strongholds
  • Speaking Truth and Declarations
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