Danny and Justin posing for a selfie while Doug is speaking.  Is there a problem with that?

Danny and Justin posing for a selfie while Doug is speaking. Is there a problem with that?

Doug and Denise Kreighbaum, Justin Limmer, and Danny Dunn had the opportunity in May to attend the International Team Meeting as well as the Nordic Conference of Salt and Light in Vasteras Sweden.  The International Team is made up of 14 leaders from 11 different nations.  These leaders have apostolic responsibility for all the Salt and Light Churches across the world.  This year they opened up the team meeting for “Joshuas” to attend and participate so Danny and Justin were able to be a part.

The International Team met for 3 days.  They discussed the overall goals and progress of each regional leader and their corresponding spheres of responsibility (2 Corinthians 10:13-17).  It was a great encouragement to hear how each sphere in the greater Salt and Light family is walking out the goals God has given them.  There is also an obvious overlap and cross-pollination of ideas and encouragement to the whole family as we have the similar values and goals God has revealed over the years.

The team also wrestled with various theological issues that we face in such a diverse family of churches representing different cultures.  This wrestling helps us remain sharp in our revelation as it is easy to perceive God’s revelation only through our own cultural lenses Proverbs 27:17  Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

International Team Meeting

International Team Meeting

The International meeting was followed by the Nordic Conference which is made up of Salt and Light churches from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Germany.  Dave, Chris, and Buck help lead the Nordic team.  There was a wonderful sense in the gathering of  “God’s family of Spirit filled disciples together on God’s mission.” Because of the great connection between the Nordic and C2C family many friends who have visited C2C over the years and vise versa gave it a feel of a family reunion in God.

Justin, Danny, and Denise helped lead various seminars with our Nordic family.  Doug and Buck gave a talk about their journey together along the lines of restoring ancient ruins that has been experienced among many in the C2C family.  The International Team stayed over for the conference as well as traveled among many of the Nordic churches.  This caused a great international flavor to the conference.

The sense of family together with God and our Nordic and international friends made a deep impact among all who were involved.  It is great to be joined with such an wonderful family all over the world!