Small-Group Leader’s Training Manual

Churches often build buildings, and their buildings end up defining them.  For many, the church is a building or a meeting, but this isn’t how Jesus designed it. When Jesus walked on this earth, He showed with His followers that God’s life among them took place everywhere, not just in religious buildings or at religious times. He called them together to “be with Him” as His family on His mission (Mk 3:14-35). The church is designed to be relationship-oriented, not attendance or building-oriented. We see this in the first expression of His church in Jerusalem, in which they met together daily in larger gatherings “in the temple” and smaller gatherings “from house to house” (Acts 2:46-47). Small groups help facilitate God’s design for His church to be His family together pursuing His mission. The “Small Group Leader’s Manual” equips people who have the heart to help and lead small groups into His purposes.

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