Leadership Equipping Thoughts


The Ideal and the Real 03-13-17

False Sucess 04-18-17

Things Of God Are Written On The Heart 04-26-17 (2)

Keeping Small Groups on Track 05-03-17

Thick Skin but not a Thick Heart 05-15-17

Stubbornness and Leadership Teams 06-07-17

Resiliency in the Fight 05-30-17

God’s Business is a People’s Business 06-20-17

Embracing God’s Heart Towards People 06-28-17

Caring for God’s People When They Reject Counsel 07-05-17

Leaders Among The Flock 07-11-17

The Most Important Traits We Can Possess 07-21-17

Waiting on God 07-27-17

Spirit-filled Gifts, Ministry, and Leadership Narcissism 08-03-17

Know Nothing See Nothing Leaders 08-10-17

Biblical Team or a Committee 08-18-17

Discipleship Like Jesus Did It 9-05-17

Information or Obedience Based Discipleship 10-02-17

Delivering His Word in a Way That Promotes or Prevents Discipleship 10-11-17

Leading with the Shepherding Heart of Jesus 10-19-17

Helping watching stones become living stones 10-30-17

Leading God’s people towards maturity 11-20-17

Leading with integrity 12-14-17

The Aim of Leadership 01-02-18

Reminders to help leaders keep their eye on the ball 01-17-18

Helping people avoid online drama 02-16-18

Winning or losing….you may want to check your scorecard 03-12-18

Are you seeking a platform or a stage 03-25-18

How to Avoid Lateness Because Lateness is Lack by Danny Dunn 04-22-18

Important Traits in Becoming a Seeking-friendly and Presence-driven People 05-07-18

How to become authentic leaders with integrity 05-22-18

How to walk in the important calling of reminding God’s people (Pt 1)

How to walk through God’s process with Toxic People

How to Help God’s People Steward Their Online Life 10-2-18

How to walk in accountability which promotes the fruit of integrity 10-15-18

7 Ways to Help God’s People Avoid Appalling Political Melodrama 11-10-18