Thanks for stopping by our website to see what is happening with C2C.    We are a family of churches (family of families) who make our homes in various cities.  C2C stands for “Coast to Coast”  because we are joined with churches on the east as well as the west coast.  We are also joined to a greater family of churches called Salt and Light (

One common denominator of our friendships is based on the fact that Jesus has joined our lives together as family and has set us on a mission together. Some of us have been friends since we stumbled across some exciting Biblical truths back in the 1980s. Others have joined us at various stops along the road.

The journey has been pretty bumpy at times. A wagon wheel has fallen off now and then, and we haven’t always agreed on the best pass to take through the mountains. But, for reasons we can barely even explain, we are sticking together for the long haul. We all believe it is vital for each local church to be connected to something bigger than itself. Together, God has made us that something.

Covenant Harvest Church

Bread of Life Church

Christian Fellowship Center

Christian Life Fellowship

Covenant Family Church

Heartland Community Church

LaGrange Christian Fellowship

Life Church

Newhall Christian Fellowship

Restoration Church

The Crown

The Family Room

Victory Christian Fellowship

Verge Church

Although we may demonstrate our faith in different ways, here are some things we all agree on:

  1. We agree that we are a family of families.
  2. We agree that we will honor and respect each other’s families
  3. We agree that internal integrity and external integration is a guiding principle.
  4. We agree that apostolic and prophetic foundations as well as the other five fold gifting’s mentioned in Ephesians 4  are important in local and trans-local teams.
  5. We agree that when we go, we go on behalf of the family/team and we will communicate back to them.
  6. We agree that the way into the family of families is to be joined to someone, not something.
  7. We agree to receive trans-local teams principally as pathfinders not fire fighters.


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