God's Family Together on God's Mission

Family is the launch pad for all we do.


We are a group of friends joined as family who make our homes in various cities, states, and nations around the world.
That is why we call ourselves the C2C Family of Churches.
Our friendships spread from coast-to-coast and beyond our four walls.


We have all faced a very challenging season with COVID uncertainties, continuing political hostilities, police and racial tensions, and never-ending conspiracy theories. There is increasing anxiety about the future. It is much like the children of Israel at the banks of the Red Sea. Their deliverance seemed to be in jeopardy, and the enemy was about to overtake them. There was no apparent avenue of escape ahead of them. Amid their laments and complaints, God directed them in a way that defied human logic, “Tell my people to MOVE FORWARD” (Exodus 14:15).” As they did, the path opened, and God defeated their enemies. God is calling us today to do the same, MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER.



A collection of in depth studies on leadership, discipleship, and church building.


Links to blogs and writing by influencial voices within our family of churches.


Video and audio resources including church live streams, podcasts, and videos.


Albums by worship teams and worship leaders throughout the C2C and Salt & Light families.