Not everyone gets an opportunity to visit “Moses” everday, but a team from the C2C family did (Paul Kidd, Rich Fisher, and Rich Markenson from Raleigh – Ryan Posterick and Doug Kreighbaum from Pittsburg).  Of course we are not talking about Moses from the Bible, but Moses Borjas and the “Pacto Viviente” church family.  Many of the C2C family have known Moses and Lilli Borjas for over 12 years and the following is an account from Ryan Posterick about the trip.

Several of us from the C2C family spent time visiting the church inEl Paso(Pacto Viviente) November fifteenth through the nineteenth.  Paul Kidd, Richard Markeson and Rick Fisher came in From Raleigh and Doug and I fromPittsburg.  From the beginning of our travels, the visit to the church inEl Pasowas one of returning to a place that felt like home.  For so many years the people there including Moses and Lily have been written on our hearts. During our visit the love and care we showed the people of the church was reciprocated a hundred times in return.  We came to serve and yet found ourselves served in ways that made us blush.  Families in the church gave up there bedrooms and in one case their only bedroom for us to sleep as they took to floors and sofas despite our pleading.

Upon arriving we found a healthy church built on a good foundation and everyone seemed excited to see us and eager to hear what God would say through Doug and Paul.  At the first gathering Doug brought the message of God’s design for His Church to be Family and the most important thing to love God and love others as ourselves.  The people responded and commitments were made to be family and build out of family.  After the meeting several of us went to Taco Tote and enjoyed fellowship as well as discuss the evening’s message.  We all enjoyed getting to know each other and even a game of “guess my age” was played among a small group of us.  In addition to building relationship among those inEl Pasoit was equally great to get to know Rich and Rick as I had never had the opportunity yet.

The following day the core leaders of the church met for further teaching and discussion time.  Doug and Paul worked together to further define what it means to live out Gods covenant family design and shed off any contrary culture or ministry ideas.  The local leaders each shared how they came into the church and many testimonies to the family of God were shared.  The local leaders were given the opportunity to ask questions as they pondered the relational theology being presented.  Later that that evening the gathering was relocated to a home where over grilled meat and jalapenos, discussions continued and the joy of living family was evident in the smiles and laughter.

Sunday morning Paul Kidd continued on the family culture theme and even referenced a family photo to begin on a personal note.  Paul did a great job creating a family atmosphere and then stirred the faith in the people toward the kingdom.  There was a transition to some prophetic words for individuals and than an alter call to allow God to break off condemnation and walk with God and His people in freedom.  The people responded throughout the service and seemed genuinely encouraged.  The people were sent home to rest and that evening we met at a home one final time where we enjoyed more great food and conversation.

The church in El  Paseo is full of life and we are honored to have been welcomed into their hearts and homes and look forward to another opportunity to return or to welcome them into our homes.