A phrase that encapsulates God’s mandate for our C2C family is “God’s family together on God’s mission.”  As Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 our mission is “both in” Jerusalem (local towns), Judea, Samaria (our regions) and the uttermost part of the earth.  Covenant Harvest Church in Pittsburg, Ks has been doing an outreach to single mom’s in their community for several years called “Operation Car Care” which they did again in August.  It is a great “missional outreach” to a segment of their community and the following is an account along with a the above video from one of the members who participated (Kerri Butler).

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Car Care are oil changes. The first things I saw when I pulled up to King’s Automotive the day of Car Care were smiling,  God-loving, caring, selfless people serving joyfully. Take for example someone like Suzanne Sperry, a single mom herself, who prepares for this event months in advance by asking for donations from the community, who bakes cookies the day of the event, and pours love and life into other single moms the day of Car Care. Suzanne is a true example of God’s love to so many and we appreciate all she does; she is a silent servant like so many others who help with Car Care. Then there are the kids, teens, and young adults who wash cars in the hot sun all day – and this year it was HOT! Those kids have fun and even got some of the kids whose cars were being serviced involved. We even had a group of guys from Kirksville scrubbing cars for over two hours on one of the hottest days this summer! It was a great time for everyone and they were serving AND having fun; it was a beautiful sight to see. One of the most precious moments was when a young girl was splashing in a soap-filled puddle while her mom looked on, smiling. Women and their children were offered refreshments and cookies while their cars were being worked on.  Women from Covenant Harvest sat with the single moms and talked with them until their cars were ready. Denise Kreighbaum ended up talking with a lady named Sarah that grew up across the street from the Kreighbaums when she was younger. It turns out that Sarah said she was always drawn to the Kreighbaums and wanted to knock on their door for years, even years after she’d moved away. Something about them drew her in. I say it was Jesus. What a small world and a neat way to reconnect.  The guys in the bays were the true heroes of the day. All four bays inside King’s Automotive were full of hardworking, sweaty men, who were not complaining, but were joyfully serving the kingdom and the single mothers by blessing them with oil changes and tire pressure checks. Ninety-six oil changes were performed on July 26th in the four garage bays used at the shop.  Moms, kids, teens, women, and men all join together a day each July for one reason: to care for single moms  through an act of selfless service. This year was the seventeenth annual Car Care at King’s Automotive and all of it was paid for by donations from the Pittsburg community and donations made by Covenant Harvest Church. Praise the Lord! A big thank you to all who helped with this year’s Car Care event – from making phone calls, baking cookies, scrubbing cars, doing oil changes, taking photos, running errands, talking to moms, and serving your hearts out, and a great big THANK YOU to Bob and Nina Romine for your hearts and your shop!