TQuincy 3he Kingdom is expanding in Quincy IL!  On September 7th, 2015 our church family  gathered for a picnic to honor Labor Day at a local park in town.  I saw a man  walking through the park and the Holy Spirit spoke to me to go meet him.  I  intrroduce myself to him and he did the same.  He ask me, “Is this a family reunion”  and my response was “No, this is our church family picnic”.  I was then informed  that this man had been praying for several months to look for a church home.   He  told me he was going to a Mormon church for along time and informed me that the  teachings are wrong.  He ask me, “Do you think the mormon church is  wrong?”  I said, ” Yes, I agree with you, the  teachings are not biblical”.
I invited him to join our church familly picnic and we were able to talk about an hour concerning the church.   He was very excited and encouraged by our conversation and declared that this was now his church family.  He called his  fiance to informed her of what was going on.  During his phone conversation, he handed me the phone and wanted me to talk with her about the church.  The following Sunday, Pastor Tom, Roger Moore, and John Hanley came to visit “The Nations’ Family Church”, and our Mormon friends also came.  After Pastor Tom preached the message, He gave an alter call.  Terri came up first and gave her life to Jesus and then Michael followed.  They are both saved and learning about Jesus and we are excited to have them join our family.