We are moving towards an emphasis of expansion through mission and extension.  We have seen new plants across our C2C family facilitated mainly through homes.  Some of our C2C family has recently had the privilege of having Stanley and Esme Mehta traveling among our churches.  Over the past 33+ years Stanley has lead the Salt and Light family of churches  (Gateway Ministries International) in India and serves on the International Team.  They have planted over 120 churches in India and throughout the world.  One of their primary means has been through planting in homes.  They have a concept called “Open Homes” which is based on the Biblical concept of hospitality.  It sets the stage for outreach that encompasses our mandate “God’s Spirit filled family of disciples together on God’s mission.”  It is a relational/family way of outreach that is at the heart of God.  Here is an interview with Stanley in which he shares insights about how God has led them to do it over the years.