In November a team from Restoration church in Casper, Wyoming traveled to India to work alongside Paul John who is part of the Scandinavian team in our Salt and Light Family.  Most of our C2C family knows Paul who grew up in India and leads a church in Falun, Sweden.  He also serves on the Scandinavian team along with Dave Richards and Buck Hudson.   In the past few years teams from our C2C family have been going to Chennai, India to help churches and outreaches lead by Paul John’s father and uncle.  There has been medical camps, leadership training, and well as outreaches in some of the villages and a widows home.   The team from Casper traveled to both Chennai and well as an area in Northern India called Siligur.  Here is a great video report from Restoration church about the trip.   It is also great to see our C2C family working together with Paul and the churches in India!   Please keep the city of Chennai in prayer as they are recovering from record rainfall and flooding.