One thing Jesus clearly did while on earth, and continues to do today is join His people together in family relationships as they engaged in His mission to the earth.   In Matthew 9-11 and Luke 9-10 we see examples of how Jesus sent out the Twelve and the Seventy on mission.  They went out in pairs (teams with fellow family members) to work in receptive places and He with the others would eventually join them in their mission.

Jesus continued to operate this way with His church throughout the NT in places such as Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, and Philippi etc. with people such as Paul, Barnabbas, Silas, Apollos, Epaprus, Timothy, and Titus.  We see references to these types of family missional ventures and relationships when Paul and others used family words to describe those they were joined with in mission together, “fellow worker, fellow soldier, partner, beloved son, beloved brother” (Rom 16:9-21, 1Co 3:6-9,  2Co 8:23, Phil 2:25, 4:1-3, Phi 1:1-2, 4:1-3, 2 Tim 1:2, 1Th 3:2, Col 1:7, 4:7-11, 3Jn 1:8, 2Pe 3:15).   

It is a great thing when we see these types of missional ventures being sent in a family context.  While there is a note of sadness in the departure there is also joy in knowing  others will be able to join them and participate in the mission at various levels in the future. These types of sendings are echoed on what Isaiah mentioned in 55:12  “For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace. 

Restoration church in Casper, Wy had the recent privilege (July 31st) of sending out Aaron and Jennifer Limmer to plant in Billings, Mt. They and others from Restoration church have already been traveling up there and having home meetings and now Jennifer and Aaron will be relocating there. Here is a post from the church family.  Also check out the video of the service.

A bittersweet day is ahead at restoration church.  We send our best as Aaron and Jennifer Limmer move to Billings, Montana to start a new church.  We’ve known this day was coming but it doesn’t make it easy.  So grateful for the plan of God, but always hard to let go of some of your best friends. We know there will be great things that happen in Billings as God moves through their lives and this new work!  So excited for what lies ahead!