e4-trainingChurches across the C2C family kicked off our 9 month E4 training.  We launched the training with an evening online with Dave Richards and Doug Kreighbaum on September 16th.  The training is being administered online through mentor groups in various local churches.  Everyone in the course meets monthly online together while their mentor groups meet at various times throughout the month.  There are approximately 100 students from across our family who are participating.  

One local leader said the following, “This is so exciting and timely.  It is great to see and understand better how our C2C/Salt&Light family operates.  This is invaluable!”

A goal for this training:  This training contains the core DNA of our Salt & Light/C2C family.  Getting a Biblical understand of how Ephesians 4, or Apostolic teams function will help us grow in faith to both receive and participate in this type of activity. They bring an important dimension into churches as well as extra local work.  We also want to learn things that will help local churches be built stronger according to God’s design and more effectively engage in God’s mission of extension and fruitfulness.

Ephesians 4 or Apostolic Team:  A team of related ministries God joins together, (everything God does is in the context of a family team) many of which have an E4 grace on their lives (not everyone in Paul’s team seems to have an identified E4 grace in their lives), who work extra locally, under the coordination of Apostolic and Prophetic ministry to see local churches started, strengthened, and moving to fulfill their mission in God.