On February 26, 2018, several from across our C2C family gathered in Quincy, IL at Nations Family Church for the ordination of Jermaine Talton to Eldership.  Jermaine, Maria, and family relocated to Quincy almost 3 years ago to plant a work there.  There were several leaders present from Kirksville, Columbia, Monroe City, and Pittsburg, Ks to participate in the ordination.

This past summer Steve and Patsy Golden as well a Clay and Tracy Talton felt God was leading them to join forces with Jermaine and Maria on the weekends to help the work develop there.  The church is taking a step forward with that relocation as well as the ordination and we are looking forward to seeing what God is going to continue to do in Quincy.

It was a glorious ordination with many prophetic words.  There were also many touching stories of God moving in their past as well as many people who have poured into their lives to get them to the place they are in God today.  One prophetic word that has a connection to history was “God has some unfinished Talton business in Quincy, IL.”  

Some may know the history of one of Jermaine’s relatives, Father Augustus Tolton.  Father Tolton’s mother fled slavery in Missouri crossing the Mississippi River at night with her small children into the free state of Illinois.  She then made her way with her children to Quincy to begin her new life there.  Eventually, her son Augustine ended up going to Rome to get his training for the priesthood and came back to Quincy to become the first African American Priest in the United States.  

Standing in the prayers and legacy of Father Tolton, we are looking forward to seeing what God will continue to do with Jermaine, Maria, and Nations Family Church!