VCF building after the fire

On Sunday afternoon, April 29th smoke was seen coming out of the roof of the Victory Christian Fellowship building in Waverly MO.  Fire departments were called to the scene and were able to put the fire out after a couple of hours.  Jerry, Brenda, some family members, and close by neighbors were able to get some essential things out of the building before the fire department arrived.  The city condemned the building and it is a total loss.


First Sunday after the fire

God’s great favor has been upon them with a tremendous flow of support from the community. VCF runs a food pantry out of their building that serves the poor and needy in several counties in their region.   Since the fire, financial support has begun to come in and the city has offered the use of the Old Fire Department for the food pantry, free of charge!  A local Elementary School as offered the use of their building for church services for as long a needed until the new building is finished. The school has also done fundraisers for both the food pantry and church.

Prayer meeting in the parking lot

Last Thursday night, May 17th,  a church from Slater came up and joined VCF for a prayer meeting in the parking lot.  They prayed for wisdom and favor as VCF goes forward to a new day.

Jerry gave the following update on May 6th:

First Sunday in the Elementary School

On May 6, 2018, VCF met at the Waverly Community Building for our first service after the fire on April 29. We had most of our VCF family there, along with a few first time visitors and some old friends. We closed the service by taking a group picture at the old building and a prayer circle thanking the Father for all the memories that were made in the old building but looking forward to all that he has in store for us as we enter the new day and chapter at VCF. 

We hope to have the pantry back up and running in June. We have a new location that we will be announcing soon and hopefully, we can get a food order in next week. We are still waiting on inspections but should have details on the daycare soon! 

We again want to thank everyone who has prayed, encouraged, texted, emailed, followed our facebook page and hugged our necks. Please continue to check this page for updates! 

Pastors Jerry & Brenda & the Leadership Team

Anyone wishing to send contributions can send them to:  

VCF, PO Box 36, Waverly, MO 64096