Bobby and Noemi Pino recently gathered several of their related church leaders together in the Philippines for a time of encouragement and building of the wider family.  Bobby commented on the family unity experienced among them.

Waking up very early in the morning to prepare food for the Pastor’s coming to ride with us to a hundred kilometers distance miles outreach and Pastor’s fellowship. I thanked God for His provision and protection, Being with God’s workers and people makes my heart so delighted. I love to be in presence with His people praising him. Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity.

Noemi further commented on the gatherings and some of the other Kingdom extending events.  One of their mountain church plants recently started a radio station.

We see that the hearts of every one were knitted together as family and friends. We were all blessed to hear Bobby encouraging everyone how to walk in this time called the new normal and what the word says to the church. For the very first time that people offered their vehicles to be used as you know here in my island, there are very few vehicles. There were 4 vehicles offered to use and each vehicle was packed from the South and there were more from the northside too. God is working in spite of the pandemic and we see that the church is advancing and growing. Then we went to the very high mountain to visit some of the pioneering works of our Bible School graduates had just started.  We were so amazed that they were able to build a radio station where they can share the good news within a 5-mile radius. As people nowadays just staying at home. My heart is so happy to see our people occupied while waiting for His coming.

Noemi goes on to express gratitude for our C2C family.

From our heart, we thank you too and to all our C2C family. Thinking of you all today makes me cry thanking God how blessed we are to be a part of you. You are always part of what we do here. we can not do it alone snd you stand along with us and you touch us and our nation.

Please pray for Bobby, Noemi, and the new plants and works in the Philippines!