On October 2-3, 2020 some from our C2C family were involved in Prophetic Training with our GMI family from India.  Originally this training was going to be on-site with Jeremy Pingle and Scott Squires traveling to Mumbai India to be with our GMI family. They were going to help provide some Equipping and Training for both Prophets and others to become more proficient in moving in God’s design for the prophetic.  Due to COVID, that trip was canceled but through technology and God’s ingenuity among our GMI family, they were able to host the training.

Some of you may remember our 2017 conference in Pittsburg in which some of the GMI leaders were involved (Stanley and Esme, and Joemon and Sunitha).   We have had a growing cross-pollination with them over the past several years and have benefitted greatly.  Most recently in November of 2019, the Claybrooks from Columbia and the Kreighbaums made a trip to Mumbai, India, and were involved in their national leader’s conference.

The Prophetic Training was a rich time not just sharing the content of the training but also the interactions with our GMI family.  There were around 90 people involved online for the training.  There was great content provide and quite of bit of interactions, Q & A, as well as testimonies that helped equip and sharpen both families.  We are so thankful for our GMI family and have benefited greatly from their relationship.  Everyone went away refreshed and equipped.  There are plans for some additional training in the future.

You can find out more about our GMI family by visiting their website.  https://www.gmi.org.in/

Thanks to our GMI family for allowing us to participate in this wonderful time!